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About the Movie:

A crime film with the most amazing cast you can imagine.
Quentin Tarantino, the director of this film and Reservoir Dogs, the film
that made him great, shows us the world of crime. He shows us the
underworld of Los Angeles in a very real way.

The story is separated in three different stories. These
three stories fit perfectly to each other. The first story is about
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, two hit men who have to get
a briefcase for there boss (Ving Rhames). The second story is about
Bruce Willis, a boxer who betrayed the boss of Travolta and Jackson.
The third story is about Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer, they rob a
restaurant and it happened to be that Travolta and Jackson are at
the same moment in the very same place. Travolta and Jackson have
a couple of problems on there way, Harvey Keitel is their savior and
Travolta has a hard time with the wife of Ving Rhames played by Uma
Thurman. It sounds very intricate, sometimes it is, but most of the
time you can follow it very easy.

This film inspired on the American pulp-magazines from
the years 1930-1950 is a personal, explosive and funny gangster movie. The
dialogues are unique. The screenplay from Tarantino is great, just
like his directing and the cast is outstanding. Aggressive,
enthusiastic, captivating men, fascinating, pithy, brilliant.

Actors and Actresses

John Travolta Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson Jules Winnfield
Uma Thurman Mia Wallace
Harvey Keitel Winston Wolf
Tim Roth Pumpkin (Ringo)
Amanda Plummer Honey Bunny (Yolanda)
Maria de Medeiros Fabienne
Ving Rhames Marsellus Wallace
Eric Stoltz Lance, Drug Dealer
Bruce Willis Butch Coolidge
Paul Calderon Paul, Bartender at Wallace's Club
Peter Greene Zed

Facts About the Movie

Runtime: Argentina:145 / Germany:154 / Iceland:148 / UK:148 (Special Edition) / USA:154 / USA:168 (special edition)

Rated: R (Restricted)

Released: 1994

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